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Robert Carpenter, DDS | Air Abrasion in Kerrville

Robert Carpenter, DDS


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Air Abrasion
Air Abrasion: Eliminates need for drill in many cases.
A few dentists have learned this technique and purchased the equipment to do this drill-less technique.
Air Abrasion is easy to understand:
When treating a tooth with air abrasion, decay and decalcified enamel are removed by a “miniature sandblaster” You will feel a gentle stream of air on the tooth.
How safe is Air Abrasion?
It is safer than the drill. The dust particles are suctioned away from the site, and the tooth is washed with a water spray before the filling is placed. Protective eye wear is recommended because the abrasive particles can cause minor irritations of the eye.
Are there Advantages of Air Abrasion?
Yes!!! There are lots of them:
• Traditional dental drills are hot, noisy, and vibrate a lot. Air abrasion is cool, almost totally silent, and there is no pressure or vibration.
• Air abrasion, unlike traditional drills, requires no anesthesia in most shallow cavities. (Large cavities usually must be treated the old conventional way.)
• Air abrasion dramatically minimizes the amount of healthy tooth tissue removed when restoring a tooth.
• The drill can cause microfracturing and chipping of healthy tooth structure which can dramatically weaken the tooth. Air abrasion does not cause this at all.
• Air abrasion is simpler and quicker … no waiting on anesthesia!
• The fillings recommended for Air abrasion restorations do not contain mercury.
Are there Disadvantages?
• Air abrasion can be uncomfortable for some people with extremely sensitive teeth, in which case, we simply anesthetize the tooth and proceed with Air abrasion.
• Although Air abrasion is very effective for smaller cavities, it is not recommended for those deep ones that are near the nerve, or require a crown.
Who benefits most from Air Abrasion procedures?
• The best candidates for Air Abrasion procedures are children and others who are fearful of dental procedures.

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